Lawn Care Overview

Before Lakes Landscape Services dead unhealthy brown patchy lawn

Before Lakes Landscape Services’ sod installation service

At Lakes Landscape Services, we offer everything you need for a thriving, healthy lawn. From residential lawns to commercial landscaping, we learn your unique situation and provide superior services that transform your property.

Sod Services

Get a fresh start with a stunning lawn you don’t have to wait to enjoy. Our sod installation team is there for you every step of the way from prepping, conditioning, and amending your soil to the delivery, installation, and clean up of your new sod. When you’re looking to take your home or business landscaping to the next level, our full-service sod installation can help get you there.

Irrigation Services

After Lakes Landscape Services sod installation with healthy green landscaping in front of a red and white brick home

After Lakes Landscape Services’ sod installation service

Whether you’re looking to winterize your system, would like to ensure your sprinklers are ready for spring, or are in need of irrigation repair, Lakes Landscape Services can help your system to perform at optimal levels for years to come. Protect your sprinkler system investment with our irrigation services.

Landscape Planning/Design Services

With over two decades of experience, our landscape planners collaborate with you to develop a landscaping plan that works for you and your family. Whether you desire a space to entertain or a lush paradise in your backyard, Lakes Landscape Services can make it a reality from planning through execution.

Lawn Mowing

We don’t simply cut grass. Instead, we offer full-service lawn maintenance for residential and commercial properties, including mowing, trimming, and blowing off grass trimmings and other debris for a clean, polished look.

Fertilizer & Weed Control

With a healthy lawn comes an effective fertilizing and weed control program. By getting to know your property, our team of experts can develop a custom program that helps keep weeds at bay while providing the nutrients your lawn needs to thrive.

Spring & Fall CleanupLakes Landscape Services completes a fall cleanup including removing leaves and small organic material from a home or business

The changing seasons can be brutal to your yard. With our spring and fall cleanup service, your lawn will more quickly bounce back to beautiful for summer.

Core Aeration

Are you looking for thicker, stronger, and healthier grass? Our aerating service removes small cores from your yard to allow soil to absorb water, nutrients, and oxygen resulting in a beautiful, healthy lawn. Maximize the benefits by scheduling your annual aeration service in the fall or spring.


Thatch is the decaying layer of dead roots, stems, and organic material that lies between the grass and root system. If it doesn’t decay fast enough, fungus can take hold, killing your weakened lawn. Lakes Landscape Services can help to remove and prevent thatch buildup for a stronger, healthier lawn.

Sidewalk and Curb Edging

Increase your curb appeal with Lakes Landscape Services. Add our edging service to any of our other programs to give your sidewalk, patio, or driveway a nice, polished edge.


Pruning can help your bushes and shrubs thrive for many years to come. Lakes Landscape Services can help to maintain the size, shape, health, and appeal of your landscaping, allowing for healthy growth for years to come.

We look forward to getting to know you – and your lawn!  Contact us today! (612) 722-1600