Landscape Services

Natural stone steppers

Lakes Landscape Services has been helping clients realize the potential of their exterior spaces since 2000 using superior lawn care products and application.

We all know life moves fast and putting aside several hours each week for maintaining your lawn can be nearly impossible. This is why we have a number of customizable programs and services designed for you!

At Lakes Landscape Services, we are passionate about helping you create the lawn and yard of your dreams. Whether you’re looking to improve your home or your commercial business site, we can help. We offer everything you need to landscape your lawn from the design to the building and installation itself.

Our experts at Lakes Landscape Services are experienced in planning and designing lawns and are committed to excellent service. We can work with your designs and plans as well as offering affordable design services. Together, we’ll create a lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood!

Landscape Installation Services

Our landscape installation may include some or all of the following services:

  1. Site preparation: This includes tearing out and disposing old landscaping in preparation for new landscape installation. It also includes grade work and soil conditioning.
  2. Soil: Custom-mixed soils for your project.
  3. Mulches: Brown mulch, cedar mulch, cypress mlch, dark or light mulch or oak chips.
  4. Edging: Landscape poly edging, steel edging, or bullet edging.
  5. Decorative Rock: River rock, grey trap, granite rock, limestone, Bryan red rock, class #2, or class #5.
  6. Retaining Walls: Retaining wall block, natural stone block, or boulder walls.
  7. Paver Patios and Walkways: Cobblestone, Holland Stone, flag stone, or prefabricated products.
  8. Steppers: Natural stone steppers or prefabricated steppers.
  9. Weed Barriers: Poly weed barriers or fabric weed barriers.
  10. Drains: Drain tile systems, drain basins, drain tile, and more.
  11. Sodding: We use Kentucky bluegrass variety and perform full-service sod projects from start to finish. Learn more here.
  12. Plantings: Shrubs, perennials, trees, etc.

Don’t see the landscape service or material you’re looking for? Please ask. We can most likely get the materials you want and perform the project.

Design/Planning Services

You, the customer, have the option to choose the level of service that fits your needs when it comes to planning and designing your project. We will discuss this with you and recommend the best way to get the ball rolling. Establishing a game plan is the first step.

  • General Planning: We like to keep things simple and easy for you. You might need sodding, edging, mulch, decorative rock, or other design accessories to jazz the place up. Simply discuss these needs with us. We’ll do a site visit and put together a work order. We offer this service at no charge, provided that it involves a reasonable and fair amount of time.
  • Personal Landscape Designs/Plans: You might already have a landscape plan that you put together. Please feel free to share.
  • Third-Party Landscape Designs/Plans: We can work off a landscape design/plan that you may have purchased from another designer or a firm that specializes in design. Planning fees may apply.
  • Video imaging: We can put together a video image design if you’re more of a visual person. Design/planning fees may apply.
  • Full-scale design services: We can meet with you, consult, design, and put together your project from start to finish. Design fees apply.
  • Recommendations: If we are unable to meet your needs for a design idea you have, we’ll direct you to a network of experienced designers that we work closely with. This will allow you to get your project going as soon as you’re ready.


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Our Lawn & Landscape Services

Whether your lawn just needs some TLC or you’ve been thinking about finally starting that one big project, Lakes Landscape Services can help!

Lawn Care and Maintenance

If you’re looking for basic lawn care and maintenance, we are here to help. We offer services such as:

Sod Installation

Installing new sod is one of the simplest way to upgrade your property. Our excellent sod installation process focuses on grade engineering, final grading, and soil conditioning, and we specialize in sod installation for both inner-city properties and suburbs. Click here to learn more about our installation process.

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